Chocolate Workshop 2020


With the upgrading levels of consumption and the appearance of a great variety of imported chocolates, Chinese chocolate market and people's perceptions for chocolate changed as well.  Chocolate is no longer just snack for children, it appeared as light luxury now and displayed in exquisite stores; even black chocolate is regarded as weight-loss sage for women. People are no longer satisfied with the cheap cocoa butter substitutes in supermarkets, instead, handmade chocolates are popular now especially Bean to Bar single origin chocolates.


At present, the average chocolate consumption in China is still far below that in Europe and the United States, which means a great market with high potential is waiting for practitioners to explore. At the same time, with the spread of chocolate culture, people scrambled for high quality handmade chocolate, they pay more attention to the taste, shape and creativity, while exploration of high-end chocolate market is particularly necessary.




Chocolate Workshop is also known as chocolate sharing session or chocolate seminar;

It is aimed to promote the ways of making handmade chocolate and to boost the consumption of high quality chocolate;

To show your unique creativity and to attract more potential consumers and visitors;

To share your different experience in chocolate-making, and to promote the chocolate culture. 


If you have any special creative idea or innovative product, and you are willing to share;

Never miss the CHOCEX Workshop!


Expo: Choc Expo Shanghai 2020 (CHOCEX)


Venue & Time: 

2019.12.18 ~ 20 (Friday – Sunday 9:00~17:30) 

Shanghai New International Expo Center 


Targets: Exhibitors who are willing to make chocolate on-site during the exhibition.



Workshop Request

1. Be able to present and explain the chocolate making procedures

2. Workshop booth should be no less than 36㎡ (raw space booth).

World Choc Expo 2020 Shanghai Committee: Chinno Exhibitions A:Room 1514, No. 28 Moyu Road, Anting, Jiading, Shanghai
T:+86 21 6162 1009,+86 185 1631 5560 Ms. Jade W